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created: Sun Feb 19 16:29:51 2006
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Just found this post from pre-2003.

I was thinking about how one would make a map of walks around teh neighbor, to determine which corners get the most traffic.[...] Then, I want to dump that information to my computer and, over time, figure out where I walk the most. Combine this information with others' maps and we can find ideal meeting places, or (which is what I was thinking about) I can figure out the place to leave a note for someone on a lamppost.

I think I'll revive that idea. It's not quite ready, because of the lack of GPS in phones, but soon. Or maybe in a different form.

What's great about this post is, also, that it proves I had this idea quite a while ago. THat might be good because of its similrity to other ideas that other people have. Sometimes it's useful to publicly declare one's thoughts.

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4 ting

created: Wed Feb 1 09:55:01 2006
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4 things

At the end, someone will be able to write a crawler to aggregate the data and map the social connections (though this task is complicated by the lack of a format, or even so much as a standard way to indicate parent node (that is mathspeak, oh varied reader, whereas nested parentheses are more computeresque)). Therefore, I am pleased to participate in this "Four Things" game.

Four jobs I've had:

I spent a few summers working the Circle Line concession stand. Later, I was day manager of Flamingo East restaurant (that is a very old web page - Flamingo East no longer exists). Some time later I became the Gawker Media Systems Administrator & Systems Architect, though I still think a lot about when I was a food delivery boy for an Italian restaurant. In only one of these jobs was I called upon to use nested parentheses.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

The Shining, Blade Runner, Broadway Danny Rose, and Shadows. Don't feel strongly about this one. Who watches movies over and over again? Maybe film students.

Four places I've lived:

I have really only lived in three places: Alphabet City, Greenwich Village, and Chelsea, though you could say, New York in the '70s, '80s, '90s, and the present decade.

Four TV shows I love:

I like Johnny Staccato, with John Cassavetes as a crime-solving pianist, The Twilight Zone, the BBC's production of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is the only DVD I have ever bought, and Seinfeld, the pinnacle of sitcom.

Four sites I visit daily:

I visit Kinja, Flickr,, and garbagescout. There is the occasional day when I am not computering. I visit sites, then too, but not web sites, mainly the gym site -- pathetic.

Four places I would rather be right now:

I'm just glad I'm not dead. Skipping this one.

Four dishes I love:

I like pizza, falafels, bagels, and cheesecake. Also a good salad, though that is a category of dish, so not included.

Four places I've vacationed:

Negril (don't go there), Fire Island, Miami Beach (don't go there either), and Vienna.

Four bloggers I am tagging:

Brett Singer, Tony, John Morley, and Kevin Prichard.

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Blogs in Google

created: Wed Dec 28 11:55:53 2005
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The idea implied by these sort of articles is that the community of content producers on the web should tailor their output so as not to disturb the balance of the ranking algorithm.

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U2 at MSG review

created: Mon Dec 12 09:33:27 2005
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u2 from oddjack

Great review. A S/FJ classic. I even knew what he was talking about, sometimes.

As a side note, somehow the #1 google images result for "U2", at this moment, is this image from the now defunct gambling blog

The review also contains an interesting typo: "Having this kind of show in the Garden only drives further home similarities between arean rock and the circus." There is, in fact, sometimes a deep similarity between aryan rock and the circus.

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dropped from kinja

created: Tue Apr 6 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Wed Nov 16 15:37:08 2005

It would be interesting to be able to see what posts get people dropped from others' kinja digests. This was enough to end it for me. Camille Paglia I can put up with, but praising DJ Spooky for being on "the cutting edge of true, radical hybridity" is the end for me.

This is radical hybridity. So's this.

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TiVo-like system for aggregated web-based compressed music

created: Fri Jul 16 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Tue Nov 15 23:46:11 2005

I've set up a script like Jeffrey Veen's wget mp3 blog script. On a slow, old computer in my place, this script runs every once in a while, downloading any mp3s linked to from various feeds I have selected. These feeds include the Blogdigger mp3 RSS feed, a webjay playlist that gets updated frequently, a couple music blogs, and a kinja digest. Any mp3s that get linked to get downloaded, stored for a while, and deleted, unless I specifically mark them to be saved.

The old computer in question is always on. It's got a Federal Express terminal 9" monochrome monitor attached to it, and a keyboard, but still, logging in and turning on the mp3 player is too much hassle. Like any home media entertainment appliance, this thing should just turn on and go. So, what I've done is written another script to continuously play the mp3s in this folder. Now, all I have to do is turn on the stereo, and some music will come out, or perhaps an audio blog post from a PR blog.

Immediacy is crucial.

(By the way, I'm aware of the potentially massive security holes in this scheme which, if you haven't noticed them already, I'm not going to point out.)

Some next steps here would be to use Gonze's cachem3u, or some other mechanism, to preserve a bit of data about the files I've collected. Right now, about two thirds of the downloaded files are named completely meaninglessly: SDO.mp3, IAB.mp3, track4.mp3, etc. This is not so terrible, as it corresponds to the frequency with which broadcast radio announces its song titles. Another future direction would be to use this system not just for audio files.

As an alternative, check out konspire, a piece of software that does something similar.

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blogrolling combined with playlisting

created: Tue Apr 20 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Tue Nov 15 23:40:54 2005

Lucas, a man who needs no hyperlink, has come up with this new way to include playlists from webjay. Each playlist, which can be found at a url like, can now be included in a sidebar on another page by including a simple piece of javascript that does a document.write(). The code looks like

See? Just add the ".js" to the URL. Very nice URLage, by the way. Here's what you get with the above code: He says that this is experimental, so maybe don't go crazy with this just yet.

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created: Mon Jun 6 12:45:25 2005
last mod: Tue Nov 15 23:39:26 2005

The best two things I've read in the last month are Krucoff on real estate and Frazier on the Mongols.

Einstuerzende Neubauten

I toyed with the idea of becoming the world's foremost expert on crystal meth, even signing up for several google alerts, but I dropped it for being too relentlessly depressing, PNP and Philip K. Dick notwithstanding.

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Opinion Unleashed

created: Sun Nov 13 18:10:20 2005
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Microformats Logo

I have added hReview metadata storage and output to the system I use to publish this part of the website (note studious avoidance of the word "blog"). This means pretty much nothing to most people, but it could be interesting if large numbers of people start adding such data to their online publishings, or if Blogger or Moveable Type make it part of their systems. It would mean that an aggregator (like Google or Kinja) could give you data on not just what is said, but an idea of the meaning behind the HTML.

This post is itself a review. I give myself a 4/5, modest fellow that I am.

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IDM critique on Sasha Frere-Jones

created: Fri Dec 17 19:09:38 2004
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1. When levelling charges of racism, it's unfair to be vague. The distinction between what an individual does to another individual and what a culture does to another culture needs to be kept clear.

2. If the charge is that IDM borrows from Black music without giving credit, the questions are then, what is black? Who is black? What would constitute credit?

3. Who invented the label?

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Blog ideas

created: Thu Dec 30 11:58:29 2004
last mod: Thu Dec 30 11:58:29 2004
Aphorism blog; One-liner blog

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about this thing

created: Tue Oct 26 22:17:03 2004
last mod: Wed Dec 29 17:52:52 2004
This is the post on my as-yet-unnamed-but-tentatively-called-brain web site creation program. It's a set of perl scripts that write out HTML pages, and allow them to be created, edited and deleted. in this it is not so unique, and acts mainly as an excercise in perl programming, and a platform from which to test some ideas about content arrangement. It's influenced by the elegant Scribblish and by the venerable

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nigritude ultramarine thought

created: Fri Jul 16 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Sun Dec 26 13:39:57 2004
Anil Dash won the nigritude ultramarine challenge (or, was awarded the "Stayer") through his connections in the blog world. He won the popularity contest. This same mechanism could be used to win any number of other contests in google rank, through a syndication system or MT plugin that would automate distributed setup of search term hijacking.

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The Opposite of Art

created: Wed Dec 22 09:51:34 2004
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Criticism is the opposite of art. The whole idea of art is that you are using an alternative language to express an idea, because this idea cannot be fully expressed otherwise. To paraphrase Vik Muniz, if you just come out and say what you are trying to express, this is not art, it's opinion.

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Commentary system

created: Wed Dec 22 09:30:08 2004
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The scripts that create these HTML pages are getting close to useable. I'm on the long tail of the development cycle where medium sized and small bugs are everywhere, and it will take as much time as it took to get this far to get rid of the bugs.

My next big feature is to add the capacity to emit commentaries in a standardized XML format. I will probably use some syntax from Alf Eaton's rvw module.

Each commentary will point to at least one web page, such as a weblog post or a band's web site, for the purposes of being able to clump the commentaries together in a useful way.

I'm staying away from the word "review", though this might be the quickest way to describe what these commentaries will be. Reviews, especially online reviews, tend heavily toward advice on whether or not to buy something.

The idea is more to decouple the review, thought, criticism, or comment from the web page of any thing being commented on. Though there will probably be rating scales involved, the system could also be used to comment on a blog post, or to critique a work of art.

The word critique is also problematic, because it tends to put people in mind of a negative critique.

Trackback is an idea in a similar direction. Trackback, however, requires a change to existing web pages, and is designed for inter-blog discussion. This system here (tentatively called "brain", for cvs purposes at least) will be more general, but will lack trackback's instant gratification. the hope is that some sort of great aggregator will take care of figuring out which commentaries are attached to which web pages.

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movable type plugin <MTV>

created: Tue Feb 10 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Fri Dec 17 16:22:24 2004

Mark has just unveiled a new Movable Type plugin: V. To install this plugin, simply download and copy to your mt plugins directory. The syntax is simply Here's the plugin in action.

This may or may not have been my idea.

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The current political situation

created: Mon Oct 11 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Wed Dec 1 13:47:48 2004

Newest operablog post is posted. In this one I deal with those broader issues that effect us all.

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blog script in an htacess file

created: Sun May 30 11:11:11 2004
last mod: Thu Nov 18 18:41:39 2004
I spent some time this weekend working on blogging software that consists only of an htaccess file. didn't get too far, but you can try it out if you like:

ServerSignature Off ErrorDocument 404 "document not found.

home ErrorDocument 403 "forbidden.

home ErrorDocument 500 "error.

home IndexOptions NameWidth=* FoldersFirst FancyIndexing SuppressSize SuppressHTMLPreamble SuppressDescription FoldersFirst IconsAreLinks IconWidth=1 IconHeight=1 #SuppressLastModified ReadmeName /foot.html HeaderName /head.html IndexOrderDefault Descending Date # AddIcon /icons/unknown.gif .. IndexIgnore ".." foot.html head.html

This goes with some HTML files called foot.html and head.html that hold the html header and footer stuff, like the doctype declaration, the tag, etc. Seems like you need to write a replacement for mod_dir or you need some sort of script. Here is a really bad script:

#!/bin/sh echo Content-Type: text/plain echo echo echo WEBLOG /bin/cat `/bin/ls -tR *.html | /usr/bin/head -n3` echo echo ---------------------------------------- echo OLDER ENTRIES /bin/ls -tR *.html | /usr/bin/tail -n +3 This script cats, or prints to the browser, the three most recently modified files in the directory, and lists the rest.

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some recent insights

created: Thu Jan 8 11:11:11 2004
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on interface design

User interface design is pretty hard, as anyone who's actually done it and had users be completely baffled can tell you. One thing to keep in mind when doing web site design is this: a page is only clear in context. How a user GOT there is as important as what's on the page. Each page should somehow acknowledge the clicking that brought the user there.

on subjects for blogs

The web sites that get read are the ones with a single, well-defined subject, like microprocessor design, flower arrangements, or Zoroaster. This is not that type of weblog, but it still has a purpose. It links things, my friends read it, and maybe someone will some day find something interesting here. Also, I put ideas down here for my own benefit.

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created: Wed Apr 2 11:11:11 2003
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Brett now has a blog. Check it out. He also hangs out on the [plateoshrimp] list.

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possible other titles

created: Wed Feb 5 11:11:11 2003
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blogging for doughnuts? somehow that one sticks in my head. there have been some mods to this PHPosxom script to make it work with this server, but only two lines of php were changed. you'll notice some bugs. posted by ___ is broken. so are category-specific searches. that's because this machine's php is a little old.

when i get the code fixed, i'll write a little authoring web interface so i can blog from anywhere. lucas's blog has disappeared. it's always a little scary to blog publicly. people might notice my bad spelling. previously, i'd been writing at /. under my pseudonym, Glass of Water.

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